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These are my babies Gerald and Danny. I love them

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5: What scars/birthmarks do your OC(s) have?

Oof, so V's system is covered in scars. All. Over. Their. Body. So much so, they got a tattoo of a dragon blowing fire over where a lot of them are concentrated.

Zander's got a birthmark on the outside of his left leg, as well as the scar from where his leg was amputated.

Speranta doesn't have any that are particularly obvious or noticable at all


8: Who is the most physically affectionate?

Speranta, who is an absolute angel and sweetheart, very affectionate


9: Who is the most adverse to being physically touched?

Easily Heart, especially out of their System too. Although Danny is pretty bad about it too (another headmate I need to update the About for)


14: Tallest OC?

Zander is 6'5


15: Smallest OC?

Speranta is 4'5 or 4'7


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